• Address: 31 Isis St Earlsfield, London, United Kingdom
  • Certificate №: 19172797; Received in: 2010


  • Client: World
  • Launch Date: December 2021
  • Website: Appear later
  • Location: World
  • Value: $1.542.000,00

Cryptocurrency plastic cards

They will allow you to pay with plastic cards (VISA and MasterCard), but using cryptocurrency.

What for?

These cards will be international and will allow the use of cryptocurrency funds in any country in the world, without the need to resort to the help of exchanges and banks to carry out operations for the exchange and conversion of cryptocurrency into local currency.


Tentatively - December 2021. Perhaps the first cards will be put into circulation faster, depending on which issuing bank we conclude an agreement on issuing and servicing cards.


This project is fully funded by German Organics, without external investment. This will allow us in the future to create an effective trading instrument for clients of our other projects without breaking any obligations. The terms of use of the product will be announced additionally after testing.
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