• Address: 31 Isis St Earlsfield, London, United Kingdom
  • Certificate №: 19172797; Received in: 2010


  • Client: World
  • Launch Date: Oktober 2021
  • Website: Appear later
  • Location: World
  • Value: $1.299.525,00

Artificial intelligence is essential for future projects

During the development of cryptocurrency by our specialists, we realized that AI will also be needed in the future.

What for?

First of all, AI will be used to trade on exchanges (cryptocurrency, stocks, etc.). Secondly, its use will simplify many of the daily operations that our specialists perform, which will have a positive impact on labour productivity.


According to the latest estimates, testing will begin in May-June 2021. However, it is possible to adjust the terms, both downward and upward. Perhaps we will engage in attracting people from outside if we deem it necessary. If we need help with development or debugging, this will be announced later.


This project is fully funded by German Organics, without external investment. This will allow us in the future to create an effective trading instrument for clients of our other projects without breaking any obligations. The terms of use of the product will be announced additionally after testing.
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