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  • Certificate №: 19172797; Received in: 2010

About Us

About company German Organics

Development of deposits and sale of raw materials.

Briefly about the activity

The company has existed since 2010. During this time, we have financed the development of thousands of fields and conducted tens of thousands of successful transactions for the sale of extracted raw materials to one or another production facility.

For what?

As practice shows, sales will always be profitable. Thanks to the chosen direction - sale of minerals, our company easily sells the extracted materials, because the manufacturing industries are steadily developing and the demand for raw materials remains stably high.

Company motto - "Continuous progress". Due to the fact that these are not just words, but a kind of direction - we have been working on the market for over 10 years.

Why choose us?

German Organics is constantly developing, investing in the development of new deposits of certain minerals. The constant flow of raw materials allows us to conclude contracts with production facilities on favorable terms. We have achieved the fact that now the manufacturers are looking for us, not us for them.

This allows us to safely finance prospecting and development of new mineral deposits. In addition, our analysts are engaged in monitoring to keep up with market trends.

  • Newest technologies
  • Qualified staff
  • Non-stop work
  • Responsiveness

Our Work Process



Market analysis for exploration followed by extraction of actual raw materials

Development of

Financing the development of found deposits in order to sell the extracted


Mailing out a commercial proposal interested manufacturers


Closing a deal with a selected manufacturer and shipping raw materials
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